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    • Hi Everyone, If your new to this server, you might be wondering what is Warding and how do I complete this skill. Below will be a break down of the process to warding and the type's of items you may receive whilst completing this skill. Step 1 - Refer to my previous guide on obtain Energy Fragments by completing the Divination Skill - http://knightscape317ps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/130-divination-skill/     Step 2 - Once you have collected enough Energy Fragments (I suggest getting 50k fragments to make it worth while) from Divination proceed to click the Warding Skill. (Attached if the photo) Step 3 - You will Teleport to the skill and now you will notice a large Obelisk.    Step 4 - Click you Energy Fragments and offer them to the Large Warding Obelisk. Once you meet the required level proceed to the portal and teleport -    Step 5 - You will notice as you reach this new area, it will "ALERT" in the chat and advise what drops you may get from this Obelisk -  Step 6 - Once  you reach the required level, proceed to the next Portal -  Step 7 - You will notice as you reach this new area, it will "ALERT" in the chat and advise what drops you may get from this Obelisk -  Step 8 - This is the final tier for Warding and you can obtain multiple items. However the ones to keep an eye out for are the BIS, Blast Cannon and Avas Alerter.   I hope this helps, and as the server develops. We will compile these into a better format and better instructions.    This is just the beginning.   Good Luck and may the drops be with you.   ❤️❤️ 
    • Requesting Forum Rank Process Ensure you place the following below -  - IGN - "Hunty" - Snippet or Photo of in game rank  If you have not received this within 7-days please PM staff via forums or in-game.   Good Luck and may the drops be with you  ❤️ ❤️
    • Afternoon Staff,   Can I please request forum rank. IGN - Hunty Regards,
    • Hi Everyone,   I thought id throw up an idea to change the Donator and Staff Icon's. I have provided a snippet below and think they would look way better then the current ones -   
    • We got a div party going on. Currently at 3 people - Hunty, Chopper and Matt
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