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  1. Hi Everyone, If your new to this server, you might be wondering what is Warding and how do I complete this skill. Below will be a break down of the process to warding and the type's of items you may receive whilst completing this skill. Step 1 - Refer to my previous guide on obtain Energy Fragments by completing the Divination Skill - http://knightscape317ps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/130-divination-skill/ Step 2 - Once you have collected enough Energy Fragments (I suggest getting 50k fragments to make it worth while) from Divination proceed to click the Warding Skill. (Attached if the photo) Step 3 - You will Teleport to the skill and now you will notice a large Obelisk. Step 4 - Click you Energy Fragments and offer them to the Large Warding Obelisk. Once you meet the required level proceed to the portal and teleport - Step 5 - You will notice as you reach this new area, it will "ALERT" in the chat and advise what drops you may get from this Obelisk - Step 6 - Once you reach the required level, proceed to the next Portal - Step 7 - You will notice as you reach this new area, it will "ALERT" in the chat and advise what drops you may get from this Obelisk - Step 8 - This is the final tier for Warding and you can obtain multiple items. However the ones to keep an eye out for are the BIS, Blast Cannon and Avas Alerter. I hope this helps, and as the server develops. We will compile these into a better format and better instructions. This is just the beginning. Good Luck and may the drops be with you. ❤️❤️
  2. Requesting Forum Rank Process Ensure you place the following below - - IGN - "Hunty" - Snippet or Photo of in game rank If you have not received this within 7-days please PM staff via forums or in-game. Good Luck and may the drops be with you ❤️ ❤️
  3. Afternoon Staff, Can I please request forum rank. IGN - Hunty Regards,
  4. Hi Everyone, I thought id throw up an idea to change the Donator and Staff Icon's. I have provided a snippet below and think they would look way better then the current ones -
  5. We got a div party going on. Currently at 3 people - Hunty, Chopper and Matt
  6. Hi Everyone, When you first begin to play. My suggestion would be to complete the initial rock crab task . "Click the teleports tab, training and then rock crabs" After you finish this. Proceed to the Divination skill by - As you proceed to gain levels. You will notice a portal. Click it as you can teleport to a higher tier divination. There are three tiers, so get "AFK'ing" You can have one account AFK this while you get your skills up in other area's. Continue to gain levels at Divination until you have approximately 50k+ energy fragments. You'll get cash, reward caskets and corrupt crystals. I will explain where to use the energy fragments in my next topic. Good Luck!
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